Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock’s (ATB’s) business is based upon racehorse syndications that include selling shares for races and building racing syndicates that we have selected. You can buy a share in a racehorse according to your requirement. We just want to make sure that you have a rewarding and fascinating experience with us.


There are small racehorse shares, which is also available for people who don’t afford the large one. In fact, they can participate with small shares, through company’s procedure like privately or even with a group of friends. They provide you with the facility to form your own syndicate. You can indulge 10 of your friends in the syndicate and buy a share in a racehorse for 10% investment, 1% for each. ATB provides you with all sort of assistance and guidance in paperwork while forming your own syndicate.


                ATB provides its clients with the option to insure their investment with our insurers, which means the insurance can recover your initial investments in case of death. But one thing that must be considered for when using the insurance facility is that it does not cover purchase outlay in case of injuries. Generally, the time span for these insurance policies is one year. We normally plan this with experts. Normally rates are even lesser than 5% of initial purchase price. Buy a share in racehorse after comprehensively going through the policy statement of the company.


Training is very important for racehorses to perform at the highest level. Therefore, we leave training and strategy decisions on our highly skilled professional trainers. If a moment arrives that a key decision must be taken then all the stakeholders are consulted, and a unanimous decision is taken.


After you are finished with your purchasing? ATB collaborates with their trainers to provide you vital and relevant information regarding the performance of your horse to make sure that you keep up to date with its performance and progress.After a horse has been bought it is normally left out in meadows to relax. Then they can have six weeks off or a month and then they go out to breakers. This lasts for about two months before they head to their selected trainers for two weeks. This is where they complete their education process. After eight weeks gap, horses again return to their trainers, where they analyze their progress. The ones with early speed and ability are considered for 2-year-old races and some are saved for 3-year-old races.

Your selected trainer will communicate to you regarding the nominations and pre-post horserace reports, when your horse is at work. Not only this, but you can also contact your selected trainer personally to keep a check.


                ATB allows the owners to visit their horses whenever they want to by just making an appointment. You can watch them jumping over barriers, give them a pat on their back and visit them in their boxes. ATB often holds open days with the trainers, where you can not only see your horses but can also get to know about your selected trainer.